Utah Wildflowers

On our recent trip to Utah I saw lot of wildflowers, many that were new to me, and I took lots of pictures. I don't necessarily believe that this is the best way to showcase the pictures, but it's what I've come up with so far. They are in mostly alphabetical order...I hope you will enjoy them.

aster blanketflower Unidentified blue flower Blue penstemon
Aster Hopi Blanketflower Unidentified blue flower Blue penstemon

claret cup cryptantha geranium globemallow
Claretcup Cryptanth Small-Leaf Geranium Common Globemallow

lilacs milkvetch monkeyflower paintbrush
(ok, technically not a wildflower - planted by the settlers in Fruita)
Milkvetch Monkeyflower Common Paintbrush

phlox rose heath rushpink
Desert Phlox Longleaf Phlox Rose Heath Rushpink

spectacle pod stevia stoneseed twinpod
Spectacle Pod Stevia Dusty-Maiden Stoneseed Twinpod

white flower white flower yellow milkvetch twistflower placeholder
Unidentified White Flower Fragrant Sand Verbena Yellow Milkvetch Little Twistflower (placeholder)

cliffrose dwarf primrose rimrock milkvetch locoweed
Cliffrose Dwarf Evening Primrose
(blooms for only one day)
Rimrock Milkvetch Woolly Locoweed
(alkaline in the plant can cause livestock to "go loco", can be fatal)

mahonia prickly pear utah_penstemon
Mahonia Prickly Pear Utah Penstemon

canaigre bittercress eatons_penstemon mormon_tea
aka Wild Rhubarb
Bittercress Eaton's Penstemon Mormon Tea
Mormon settlers steeped the branches of this shrub to make a tea used to treat colds and congestion

prince's plume prince's plume and canyonlands arch and cliffrose
Prince's Plume Prince's Plume and Canyonlands butte Cliffrose and Partition Arch

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