The Utterly Unique, Uproarious, Unruly, and Ultimately Unusual Utah Adventure of Tigger and Stitch

Aloha and woo hoo hoo hoo! Tigger and Stitch of course went along with Laura and Lee and Walt and Barb on their trip to Utah. Stitch is still getting a little bit used to this traveling thing...but (un)fortunately he's learned a lot from Tigger. Sigh.

But the two of them had fun in all the red rocks and arches and slot canyons, and Stitch was restrained from creating any new arches out of rock walls.

They discovered that there were lots of different things to see in Utah.

The arches...

Delicate Arch...the ubiquitous symbol of Utah! Stitch wanted to find out just *how* delicate it is...

Partition Arch? What kind of name is that?

Tigger and Pine Tree Arch...Those arch namers were getting really desperate, huh?

Doesn't this arch look more like the mouth of a giant Tigger-eating clam?

Tigger finds an arch in Bryce Canyon that's just his size!

The dinosaurs and petroglyphs...

Look! A two-toed dinosaur passed this way - 200 million years ago or so.

Tigger's on the track of the rare three-toed black-outlined, white-footed dinosaur!

And these petroglyphs tell the story about how ancient deer-like creatures were terrorized by the sabre-toothed Tigger.

This cave must have been designed with Tigger in mind - his petroglyph is right outside the door!

The slot canyons...

Tigger plays Peek-a-boo in Peek-a-boo Gulch.

Tigger and Stitch squeeze through the Spooky Gulch slot canyon - it was narrow even for them!

If this inchworm is measuring all the slot canyons in Utah, he has a long way to go!

And lots of other things, too!

Balancing isn't that hard...look, even a rock can do it!

Stitch found all of the "otherworldly" scenery in Utah to be quite familiar to someone from another world. :-)

Stitch's theory is that Upheaval Dome was created by a spaceship crash...he looks for debris.

The Leaning Goblin of the Devil's Garden.

Tigger and Stitch don't think that "Phipp's Death Hollow" looks all that scary.

Tigger sits on a petrified tree stump...wonder what kind of chain saw they used to cut *that* tree down?

Even Tigger knows that if you call something a "Secret Passage" it no longer is...

Ahhh....Stitch basks in the glow - if you ask him his sign he always says: "Radiation". ;-)

Woo hoo! Stitch has never seen snow before (Hawaiian shave ice doesn't count!) He and Tigger had a snowball fight.

Stitch hears some familiar music from the CD player!

And then there was the little side trip to Las Vegas...

Tigger and Stitch try out the bed in their Paris Las Vegas Hotel room.

Lee wouldn't let Tigger and Stitch go out at night in Las Vegas, so Tigger had to slip out with Laura early the next morning and do some sightseeing.

Tigger thinks the Bellagio would have been prettier if he'd been allowed to see it at night when the fountains were going!

Ohhhhhhh...NOW we know why Lee didn't want Tigger and Stitch going out in Las Vegas!!! :-) (And *this* was Tigger's idea of a "slot canyon"...)

And in about a little rhyme time?

Hobnobbin with goblins

All this to-do about a hoodoo!

Some ice in Bryce.

Rock spyin' in Zion.

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