Tigger's Hollywood Holiday

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger bravely ventured outside the world of Disney to the world of Universal Studios Hollywood - and discovered that he has "star quality" no matter where he goes! :-)

There were lots of cars used in various movies parked all over the place...here's the taxi used in "The Shadow" - with a very tiny Tigger sitting on top.

Yabba-dabba do!!!! :-)

Tigger and Hulk

It's always nice to have friends...

Tigger and ET

Tigger is ready for his ride on the E.T. adventure - he rode in the bicycle basket!

tigger and lee

No trip is complete without Tigger getting eaten by something...AAAA! It's the shark from Jaws!

Tigger and Friends

Tigger got drowned on the Jurassic Park ride just like the rest of us...but he wasn't at all scared of the dinosaurs!

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