Tigger's Snowy Skiventure

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger got to try out skiing for the very first time! And he got to do both cross country and downhill skiing.

Tigger admires Mt. Whitney...even if it doesn't look quite as impressive from here. (The hand indicates the top of Whitney.)

Tigger learns why rabbit brush is called chrysothamnus nauseous...ewwww.

Walt gave Tigger a ride up the chair lift at June Mtn.

Tigger rides chair 6...wow, it's a long way down!!!

Tigger and Laura tear down another ski slope...Tigger was disappointed that there weren't any moguls that day, though...he wanted more bounce!

No Tigger...you ride *inside* the car...not outside with the skis.

After a day on the slopes, Tigger and Barb are ready to dig into dessert. Mmmm...chocolate cheesecake is what Tigger's love best!

Or is it strawberry waffles that Tiggers love best?

Tigger tries out golf, but it's just not bouncy enough for him. He likes the hat, though!

"T" (even sideways) is for Tigger!

Tigger builds, what else, a snowcat. :-)

After a hard day of skiing and playing in the snow, Tigger curls up with Kai for a nap.

Tigger tries out Laura's K2s...they're a bit big for him, though.

But woo hoo hoo hoo! Jim made Tigger his very own pair of T2s!

Tigger can't wait to try out his new skis...uh, Tigger, don't you think you should start out on something a little easier first?

Someone call the Ski Patrol!

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