Tigger's Sierra Summits

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

It was 4th of July weekend, and Tigger got to go up to the mountains and hike!

Tigger went hiking in the John Muir Wilderness on two different days.

The first day was in the McGee Canyon with Maureen and Mary and Jean (Laura's mom) - oh, and Laura too, but someone had to take the picture. :-) (Tigger is on Maureen's right shoulder - she's the one in the pink shirt.)

There were lots of wildflowers in the McGee canyon...though Tigger was disappointed not to see any Tiggerlilies...but there were lots of nice Mariposa Lilies.

Tigger thought this rock was almost as colorful as he is!

The fierce wild wilderness Tigger perches in the branches of a juniper tree...waiting for some unsuspecting prey to come by...

This is a different sign...really! :-) These John Muir Wilderness signs seem to be everywhere...this was on the Hilton Lakes trail on Tigger's second day of hiking.

Tigger shows Laura and Jim (Laura's dad) the way to the Hilton Lakes.

Jim offers Tigger some of his kippered herring in dijon mustard sauce...yechhhhh! Tigger will stick with malt extract.

Up at the lake, Tigger found a patch of snow to play in...woo hoo!!!!!

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