tigger and the minarets

Tigger's Mountain Madness

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger and friends bounced from the west side to the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountains - seeing Yosemite, Mono Lake, lots of mountains, and even some wildlife!

Tigger and Baby Pegasus at the entrance to Yosemite National Park - Tigger quickly learned that Pegasus is a brat, because the first thing he did was push Tigger off the sign - though Pegasus insists that he just wanted to see how high Tiggers could bounce...

There was a huge flood in Yosemite Valley in January - Tigger shows off the high water mark at the Happy Isles trailhead.

Tigger and bear
Tigger gets eaten by a bear!

Tigger and Vernal Fall
Tigger bounced up the Mist Trail alongside Vernal Fall...
tigger and tufa
Tigger and friends visited the South Tufa area at Mono Lake - K-9 and Tigger help Goofy climb up one of the Tufa towers - despite all the signs that ask you not to climb on them...

Tigger and feather
Tigger found a feather by Mono Lake, and Pegasus told him that if he held it in his tail and jumped off a tufa tower he could fly.
tigger falls Pegasus lies.

Tigger and friends in the tree
Tigger, K-9, Pegasus, Pooh, Marvin the Martian, and Goofy play in a tree at Minaret Vista.

Tigger found a patch of snow...and you know what that means!

tigger and meadow
Tigger, Pegasus, K-9 and Pooh enjoy some quality mountain meadow time - Goofy stayed home that day.

tigger and paintbrush
Tigger likes Indian Paintbrush flowers - they match his stripes!

tigger and naomi
Tigger meets the Big Bad Wolf! Fortunately, she didn't try to eat him...

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