tigger and Grant tree

Tigger's Treemendous Tale

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger visited Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks with Laura and Lee and Walt and Barb. Fortunately, he did NOT decide that "climbing trees is what Tiggers do best" and attempt to prove it...we wouldn't have had the option of turning the book sideways so that he could get down! :-)

It had snowed the day before...Tigger checks out some icicles that he found.

The new Wuksachi Lodge was brand new...Tigger tests the bed out to make sure it has enough bounce.

tigger and bears
Tigger found these bears hanging out in the lobby...it looks like they've been raiding a few pic-a-nic baskets! :-)

Tigger climbing tree
Look ma, no hands! Tigger practices his chimney climbing technique on a sequoia stump. (Tigger, are you trying to get Santa's job this year???)
tigger atop Moro Rock
Tigger bounced up the 370 steps to the top of Moro Rock, where he could admire the Great Western Divide.

tigger points the way to the Muir Grove

Everyone tries to point the way to the Muir Grove...but Tigger was the only one who had it right. :-)
tigger and bear

Tigger doesn't understand all the fuss about bears...all of the ones he met were very nice, and none of them tried to eat him!
tigger and stumps

Tigger poses on the stumps with Barb and Laura and Walt and Lee - he's that little orange dot to Laura's left.
tigger and Walt measure tree

Tigger and Walt measure the circumference of a sequoia tree - 65 Tiggers plus a nose. :-)

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