tigger and observatory

Tigger's Palomar Pounce

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger went along on the trip to the Palomar Observatory - he always has his own unique perspective. (He's starting to wonder why we are taking him to places that are so *big*, though - huge trees last month, and a huge telescope this month!)

Tigger points the way towards the Palomar Observatory parking area.

Tigger poses with George Hale, the man responsible for the development of the Palomar Observatory and the 200" telescope.

Tigger on the Observatory Trail
Tigger went on the Observatory Trail with us - happy to bounce along, and not caring that it didn't really go anywhere interesting...he still found lots of things to do!

Tigger and pine cone
Gee, even the pine cones are big!
tigger and metate
Tigger tried his hand...er paw at grinding in an Indian metate we found along the trail. He prefers bouncing to grinding, though...

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