Tigger's Beach Bash

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger and Stitch were invited to Daisy's 75th Birthday Beach House Party too!

Tigger and his shell collection...some oyster and clam shells, and a whelk he named "Lawrence". (And no, it's NOT true that if you hold a whelk shell to your ear you hear accordion music.) :-)

They call these "ghost crabs"...but they feel awfully real!!!

The history books don't tell you that Orville had a co-Tigger on that first flight! :-)

They may have taught us to fly...but Tigger taught us to bounce!

Tigger and Stitch may have "The Wright Stuff"...

...But not enough stuffing to fill out these spacesuits very well! :-)

(The following are to the tune of "The Eddystone Light")

Tigger went to visit the Cape Hatteras lights
Have to say he likes all the stripes

In the region there are three
Ocracoke, Hatteras and the
Other is Bodie

Woo hoo hoo
The Tigger bounces free
How fun is the life by the rolling sea

He bounced to the top of the Hatteras light

Looked around but no ships were in sight

And Bodie light is not quite right
Next time paint with orange and black stripes!

Woo hoo hoo
The Tigger bounces free
How fun is the life by the rolling sea

A "wildlife refuge"...is that where the birds go before they enter the witness protection program?

I don't think this was the kind of wildlife they had in mind. :-)

The orange-and-black-rumped Tigger examines the Yellow-rumped Warbler.

Tigger and Stitch jockey for position on Lee's head. :-)

Tigger and Douglass lurk in the grass, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting passers-by.

Tigger was here!

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