Tigger's Kayak Kaper

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

It was Labor Day weekend, and Tigger got to go play in the mountains and hike and slide and swing and kayak...and then there's the horrendous tale of how he was Tiggernapped!

At the park in Lee Vining, Walt pushed Tigger in the swing.
Higher, Walt, higher! :-)

Tigger also went down the slide...

Too bad, Tigger!

Next to the park was a little museum with some old equipment out in front...Farmer Tigger drives the tractor!

Tigger does his Little Nell impression and hopes that Dudley Dooright will come save him! :-)

Tigger, it's just a teeny little frog! It won't give you warts and you don't have to kiss it!

The ferocious mountain Tigger prowls through the grassy meadow...

...then springs into action!

On the hike up Rock Creek, Tigger found several of these weird balancing rocks...

This one still balances even with a Tigger on top! :-)

In preparation for kayaking, Tigger dons his high tech, state-of-the-art combination personal flotation device and environmental protection suit.

Hmm...don't these kayaks come in a smaller, Tigger size?

Tigger helps claim Paoha Island, though he's not quite sure why anyone would want it. :-)

Tigger examines one of the tufa towers in Mono Lake. But what Tigger didn't realize was that the evil kayakers were just waiting for an opportunity to get at him, and as soon as this picture was snapped, they rushed up and tiggernapped him!

And then they forced him to walk the plank!

Fortunately a ransom was arranged, and Tigger was recovered...Tigger kisses the ground in gratitude!

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