Tigger's Mammoth Mayhem

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger had fun visiting the Mammoth Lakes area and bouncing up trails, teasing cats, making snowmen, and eating... ;-) (That's Tigger and Pegasus at the top of Deer Mountain, with Mammoth Mountain in the background.)

Tigger admires one of the Inyo Craters...and wonders how high he could bounce.

Someone had erected a teepe frame along the trail...Tigger checked it out.

Tigger hangs out at Convict Lake...with those black stripes he fits right in! :-)

Tigger and dad

Tigger supervises as Dad makes 84 year old Egyptian Waffles...

Tigger and waffle

Tigger pigs out on an 84 year old Egyptian Waffle...Look, ma, no hands! ;-)

Tigger and Kai

Hmm...Tigger seems to have done something to make his fellow feline, Kai, a bit nervous...maybe it's all that bouncing and pouncing.

Tigger at mono pass

Tigger at the top of Mono Pass - elevation 11,920. Did you know that when the air is thin, Tiggers can bounce even *higher*?

Tigger and snowman

There was snow at the top of Mono Pass...so Tigger (with some help from Cheryl) made a snowman!

Tigger and rockfringe

Tigger found a pretty patch of rockfringe flowers growing near the top of the pass.

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