Tigger's Mini-Mammoth Vacation

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger spent time in the Mammoth area with Laura and Lee...he even did some new things this year!

Tigger finds himself between a rock and a hard place when he goes climbing in the Owen's Gorge.

A river runs through it...the Owens River, that is...though Tigger thinks it's more like a creek than a river!

The ghost of Mr. Muir fortunately did not make an appearance during Tigger's hike in his wilderness.

Tigger was back in the saddle again when Kona gave him a ride.

Just call him a rider in the Sierra Sage...

The Tigger went over the mountain...but didn't see much because of the clouds.

Why did Tigger pose with this piece of a pine tree? Oh, you don't know either? Perhaps it was a Euell Gibbons moment?

Tigger made it up to Chickenfoot Lake. Which is called that because it's shaped like a chicken foot. Pretty creative, huh?

The next day Tigger (in full wilderness attire) went on another hike, and "logged" lots of miles.

On the waterfront, Tigger feels the sunshine one his shoulders. It makes him happy. :-)

The hike took Tigger to the top of Duck Pass...

But instead of Daffy, Howard, and Donald, *these* were the only ducks he saw.

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