Tigger's Labor Day Lark

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger went bouncing up through the Eastern Sierra with Lee and Laura and Walt and Barb and Kona!

At Fossil Falls, a lava flow area, Tigger ponders the meaning of this strange symbol on a lava rock.

Tigger finds a lookout point atop a lava column.

And here's a more flowy kind of lava! ("Flowy" is a technical volcanologist term, you know! :-) )

A lava pocket just Tigger's size!

Tigger's ready for a day-hike in Little Lakes Valley.

Tigger enjoys a lunch break at Chicken Foot Lake, with some Eastern Sierra peaks in the background.

And this is how you get pictures like that last one. :-)

Tigger and his Portugese Water Dog pal Kona.

Tigger and Kona play hide-and-seek.

Tiggers gets the point of this prickly pear cactus.

On a hike up by Convict Lake, Tigger finds a hollow tree to play in.

This takes some explaining...in the tall grass near a picnic table at Convict Lake, Tigger found this watermelon - though HE seemed to think it was the egg of some Loch Ness (Loch Convict?) Monster that he could hatch.

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