Tigger's Acadia Adventure

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Ayup, Tigger visited downeast Maine, and bounced around Acadia National Park.

Tigger and Pegasus catch a ride on the baggage carousel at Boston's airport...whee!!!

Whale-wrangling - Tigger style

Tigger and helmet

In the Vermont Teddy Bear store in Freeport, Tigger tries on a football helmet for size. (This picture is especially for Lee's brother Wayne, the Cowboys' fan.)

Tigger and llbear

Tigger made new friends in the L.L. Bean store.

"...Didn't get much sleep but we had a lot of fun on a Bay Ledge feather bed..." This one didn't quite have 8 kids, 4 hound dogs and a piggie...but how about 5 pillows, a Tigger, a Pegasus, a husky and a Siamese cat? :-)

Tigger and blueberries

Tigger tries out the wild blueberries...

Tigger and tidepool

Tigger noticed these plants growing in a tide pool near Thunder Hole.

Tigger and popover

Tigger tries a popover at Jordan Pond House...yum!

Tigger and carriage road

The carriage roads all had these beautiful rock towers at the entrances - Tigger checks the inside.

Tigger and hollow

Tigger just had to check out this hollow in the tree.

Tigger and squirrel

This squirrel offered Tigger a nut...or maybe he thought Tigger *was* a nut...we're not sure.

Tigger and lobster

The lobster gets its revenge!!! :-)

Tigger and lounge

Tigger and Pegasus soak up some rays at the Inn.

Tigger and canoe

A tippy canoe and Tigger, too... ;-) He just went along for the ride and let Laura and Lee do all the paddling.

Tigger and friends

Tigger and all his friends - Ghiradelli the moose, Pegasus, and Crunch the shark.

Tigger and shark

Land shark attack!!!! The land sharks on Acadia Mountain are quite fierce. :-)

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