tigger and scarecrow

Tigger's Fall Frolic

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Time for a little autumn adventure! Tigger joined Laura and Lee and Walt and Barb on a trip to Julian, a town in the local mountains that is famous for its apple orchards and apple pies. So October is Apple Time!

At an orchard were you can pick your own apples, we had to get the "Tigger out of the bag" before the apples could go in.

Tigger branches out and tries some tree climbing.

tigger and brace
Tigger never knew picking apples could be such a bracing experience!

Tigger picking apples
Tree climbing Tigger picked a peck of awesome apples...

tigger in apples
It's an applelanche!!!!

Tigger is impressed by this cider press.
tigger and cat

Tigger and a friend - feline fine!
tigger and farm equipment

Tigger wasn't equipped to describe what this piece of farm machinery does...
tigger and feather

...But he couldn't feel too "down" after he found this beautiful feather!
tigger and scarecrows

Tigger found this rather odd group just hangin' around.
tigger and lichen

On a hike to Glen's View Tigger took a likin' to some lichen...
tigger and manzanita

...And paid a little visita to this manzanita...
tigger and yucca

...And really got the point of this yucca.
tigger and telescope

Maybe someday Tigger will learn not to stick his nose in where it doesn't belong...
tigger and acorn

Tigger's just acorning around.
tigger in leaves

Woo hoo hoo hoo! Tigger dives into a big pile of autumn leaves.
tigger and pie sign

A sign of the times - Tigger gets ready to try out the best apple pie in Julian.
tigger and pie

Tigger ponders the whole pi r² thing - he always thought that pi's are round.

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