Tigger's Tomorrowland Tour

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger went to Disneyland to check out the new Tomorrowland - and all his other favorite rides, too!

Tigger and Lee get ready to blast off in the Rocket Rods!

Tigger gets up closer so that he can read the sign...oops. :-)

Tigger does his best Tiki god impression.

Tigger on BTMRR

Tigger settles back for a nice relaxing ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad..."hang onto them hats and glasses!"

Tigger rides the carousel

Bouncing up and down while riding a horse that's going up and down is Tigger's idea of fun!

Tigger and pirate ship

Ahoy matey - thar be pirates ahead...and that Captain Tigger be one of the worst!

Tigger and wishing well

We're don't know what Tigger wished for...but since he did it at Snow White's Wishing Well, it's sure to come true!

Tigger and sign

Tigger really wasn't thirsty - he just liked posing with the beavers. :-)

Tigger and coke

Tigger thought this Coca-Cola intergalactic shipping container was cool - he wanted to stowaway to its next intergalactic destination...

Tigger and pizza

Mmmm....Tigger chows down on the food from Redd Rocket's Pizza Planet.

Tigger and sword

Tigger does his best to pull the sword from the stone...

Tigger and Candy

Tigger came home with a bunch of new friends!

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