tigger and laura

Tigger Makes New Friends at Disneyland

Woo hoo hoo hoo! For Tigger, there's nothing like going home to Disneyland!

Tigger accompanied Laura to Girls' Day at Disneyland, and had a wonderful time, though he had to be careful not to bounce too much in the Tea Room. (You've heard of a bull in a china closet? Imagine a bouncing Tigger among all of those china cups and teapots... :-) )

Tigger met his first two friends, Eeyore and Figaro, in the Emporium on Main Street.

Just hangin' out in Toontown...

Owl joined the group after Splash Mountain, and Goofy joined them in Toontown - here Owl pushes the button at the Toontown Glass Works...

Tigger met this strange fellow hanging around the Adventureland gate.

Tigger and friends tried not to fidget during the Practically Perfect Tea - and Mary Poppins did, in fact, comment on how well behaved they all were.

Tigger and Eeyore visit some of the not-so-fortunate explorers in the Spike Room of the Indiana Jones adventure.

Tigger and friends climb up for a closer look at the map in the Temple of Mara.

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