Tigger's Disneyland Ditties

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger went to Disneyland
Spent the day with Bartender Sam.
Tig would not could not without blushing
Tell you all they were discussing.

Here's our intrepid RADP group
Quite the merry little troop.
Brandon, Lee, and Laura too,
Judy's head, and Sam the cool.
Little Ashton and Beth E.
That's our group for you to see.
(Of Ashton's pose, we'll just say
He had a nasty cold that day.)

At Blue Bayou Tigger dined with Sam
But did not have green eggs and ham.
The pirate hats we proudly wore
Made others jealous even more.

Fearsome pirates Sam and Lee
Smiling here so gleefully.
The reason for their grins so blissful?
They did not order Monte Cristos.

Tigger lunched with Pirate Judy
Came away with pirate booty.

Sam and his pal Mr. Toad
(A pair of hazards on the road)
Wildly drove their car pell-mell
And finally ended up in hell.

Ashton, with his Grandma Beth
Flew in from the great Northwest.

Brandon here with Judylew
Also Dale, and Tigger, too!

Here's one of the garden Tikis
Tigger thinks he's kind of freaky
He makes the earth move jolt and shake
Ho hum, just another quake.

Tigger rubbed the magic lamp
Out popped Jasmine - what a vamp.
Alas for Tigger, quickly saddened
Her heart was set on young Aladdin.

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