Tigger's Grand Adventure

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger stayed in Disneyland's newest resort hotel - the Grand Californian. Now *this* is the style to which he would like to become accustomed!

Tigger checks out one of the chairs in the lobby....this one is a little too plush, though.

And this lounge chair by the pool is a little too big.

But this one by the fireplace is *just* right! :-)

Speaking of the fireplace...pretty impressive, huh? Though a fire when it's almost 90 degrees outside seems a big excessive.

Wow...what a bed! The Grand Californian's furnishings are in the "Craftsman" style...but Tigger's never seen anything like this at Sears! :-)

Tigger admires the photo on the wall of the room, featuring Snow White with her forest friends - bet you never knew she was California girl, did you?

The maids were in to turn down Tigger's bed - and even left him a couple of chocolates!

Ahhh..after a long day in the parks, there's nothing like relaxing in a nice fluffy Grand Californian robe! (Also available in the gift shop for only $69.99!)

The room was right over the World of Disney store, ok so it *wasn't* a view of California Adventure.

But hey, having a monorail go right through the hotel is pretty cool!

This turtle's job is to spit into the pool. But people didn't seem to mind swimming in turtle spit.

Tigger thinks this guy's duty is to keep the guests from getting out of control.

Instead of carts, the maids leave these wicker baskets full of clean linens outside the door...Tigger tries posing as a foundling in hopes they will let him stay forever!

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