Stitch's Day Out

Poor Stitch...he went to Walt Disney World...but never got out of the hotel room and Tigger got to have all the fun! He seemed a bit blue (though actually he always seems a bit blue) so Laura decided to take him to Disney's California Adventure for Food and Wine Weekends. He ended up popping up a bit unexpectedly in a lot of photos...

The Food and Wine Weekends banner...and Stitch.

Who's afraid of a giant grasshopper?

Paradise Pier...and Stitch.

One of the menus at the Festival Marketplace...and Stitch. ;-)

Tigger was gone but not forgotten - notice the "Tiger Brand" bananas!

7 1/4 tons of sardines, Lees, and Stitches!

Part of the garland decorating the Farmer's Market...and Stitch.

"S" is for Stitch!

The Food and Wine Weekends schedule...and Stitch.

Hmmm...the view never seems to change out this tractor window!

The one four-leaf clover in "a bug's land"...and Stitch.

At the Culinary demonstration, Stitch was happy to pose with photos of the food samples...this is Crostini with Artichoke and Goat Cheese spread.

Crabcake with Chile Aioli...Stitch thinks he knows a Chile Aioli in Hawaii...

From the Festival Marketplace...Baja Beef Skewer and Bruschetta with Five Olive Tapenade. There *were* two brushcettas...

They call this a "Tomato Salad"...where's the lettuce???

White Cheddar Cheese soup, bacon, and a sourdough bowl. Don't bother him...he's eating. :-)

Stitch would dive into the berries if the glass wasn't taller than he was! But the wine glass was just the right size...

What's "wurst" than a hungry Stitch?

A hungry Stitch with beer.

Stitch...didn't anyone ever tell you not to mix beer and wine?

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