Tigger's Capital Capers

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger spent Columbus Day weekend in the District of Columbia, bouncing around seeing the sites and visiting with lots of friends.

Tigger used the Metro rail to bounce around from place to place.

At the Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna, Tigger notices that the beavers must be getting out of control...he didn't see any Tigger Control fences, though.

Tigger takes a spin in a classy convertible as he rocks out to the jukebox in The Silver Diner, where he had dinner with the Koma family.

Tigger looks out the hotel window at the scenic view of a brick wall...

Tigger shows off his ticket for his trip up into the Washington Monument!

Tigger sees the not-so-lovely view of the scaffolding from the Monument's Observation Deck.

Tigger says the view is a LOT better from the top of the Washington Monument! :-)

History as it really was...This picture at the Navy Memorial salutes Tigger's Naval contributions.

Tigger is not sure what his friend Rabbit is thinking so hard about...but sat with him for a while to help.

This squirrel decided to come over and see what Tigger was made of...but quickly decided Tigger wasn't edible.

Ohhh...right through the heart...er...stuffing. Too Bad Tigger...

This flower is almost as big as Tigger!

Tigger tried to bounce around and pose with everyone at the RADP Meet...but he got a late start, and some people had already left. But here's Tigger and most of his RADP-friends!

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