D.C. Columbus Day RADP Meet

October 11, 1998

A large group of RADPers met in downtown D.C. at Planet Hollywood for lunch on Sunday, October 11. There were a lot of people from Virginia and Maryland, but also a number of people from out of town - me from San Diego, but also people from Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, New Jersey, and New York.

We had a great time, and it was fun meeting everyone!

Here's the group picture:

back row, left to right: John, Jim, Mike, Judy, Denise, Michele, Andy, Teresa, DebW, Art
middle row, left to right: Meli, Rusty, Mark, Rob, Lisa, Maria, Marissa, Dan, Erin, Cassidy, Aileen
front row, left to right: Bob, Connie, ?, DebK, Chelsea, Laura, Donna, Denise

We had really great servers at Planet Hollywood, who got into the spirit and had a good time with us. Poor Chelsea made the mistake of asking "How do I eat this?" upon being presented with a plate of lasagna where the lasagna was standing vertically (very much in the California Grill style) rather than laying down. Her server sat down beside her, took her fork and fed her...when she could stop laughing long enough to eat. He even wiped her chin with a napkin between bites. :-) She was a great sport. But Chelsea got her revenge later, when she fed *him*. :-)

Tourist Mickey, as part of his "Mickey Round the World" tour, was in D.C. for the weekend, too, and he made it a point to pose with *everyone* who was at lunch that day.

Click on the links below to see Mickey with his RADP friends!

Mickey and...

...Aileen and Cassidy


...Bob, Connie, and daughter

...Chelsea and Denise




...Erin and Teresa


...Judy and Mike

...Laura, DebK and Tigger

...Lisa, Chelsea, and Denise

...Maria and Rob

...Marissa and Dan


...Meli and John

...Michele and Andy

...Rusty (our Mystery Guest)

Other Photos

DebK toasts the group

Jim and John

John and DebW draw names for prizes

Michele and Mickey share a "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride". It's very...er...GREEN. :-)

The group gets down to some serious eating and chatting

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