Tigger's Washington Wanderings

Tigger really did go to D.C. with Laura over Columbus Day weekend, but in a lot of the places she visited, enthusiastic bouncing would have been rather inappropriate behavior, so Tigger kept a rather low profile. Not much fun in that, though. But he still got to visit with some old friends and had a good time.

At the Netherlands Carillon, Tigger made friends with the two large felines who guard the carillon.

But he never did quite figure out that just because there was a tower didn't mean he was going to see Quasimodo or Rapunzel.

At the RADP meet Tigger gets a smooch from Gail Robinson - there are lots of advantages to being Tigger! Good thing Julian and Wayne were looking at the camera...

Oh no...the LAST thing Tigger needs is caffeine...

Chelsea and Mary introduce Tigger to Figment.

Uh oh...guess *that* meeting didn't go too well...

Tigger helped DebK and DebW get the Magic Kingdom playset working...all he needed was a bigger hammer!

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