tigger and the minarets

Tigger's D.C. Doings

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger had a great time bouncing around our nation's capitol and seeing the sights. The FBI and Secret Service were keeping a pretty close eye on him, though...

At the Navy Memorial, we discovered the story of Tigger's true origins - and now we know why there's only one!

A T-Rex got hold of Tigger at the National Zoo...Poor Tigger.

Tigger and bear

Tigger actually had lots of fun at the National Zoo and played with many interesting animals and people.

Tigger and Tiger

Bears and tigers and Tiggers, oh my! :-)

tigger and Deb

Tigger enjoyed seeing the Zoo from his vantage point up on Deb's shoulder. And he was very careful not to bounce off!

Tigger on Metro

Tigger got around DC on the Metro system, just like everyone else. The Metro has lots of rules (no food, no drink, no music), but fortunately there was no rule against bouncing!

tigger and fala

Tigger's favorite was the FDR Memorial. Here he poses with FDR's dog, Fala.

Tigger and sculpture

There were lots of weird sculptures outside one of the Smithsonian Museums...Tigger thinks some people have strange taste in lawn ornaments.

tigger and asteroid!

Tigger thinks this cool asteroid that was in the Natural History Museum might be a chunk from his home planet...

tigger and carriage

Tigger tries out one of the old-fashioned carriages in the American History Museum. He thinks it needs more springs. :-)

tigger and mickey

Tigger really enjoyed the RADP Meet, especially hanging around with his pal Mickey.

tigger and first ladies

Tigger and Mickey also liked posing with all of the pretty ladies... :-)

tig and ticket

Tigger was very happy to be able to tour the U.S. Capitol Building.

tigger and fbi

Tigger wanted to pose with the 10 Most Wanted at the FBI, but they don't allow photos, so he had to settle for posing with an FBI pylon instead...

tig and sheep

At Mt. Vernon, Tigger practiced his pouncing on one of the sheep. It didn't seem at all concerned, though. Tigger will have to practice more!

tigger at mt. vernon

Tigger sits on the porch at Mt. Vernon overlooking the Potomac...just like George Washington used to do!

tig and money

In Tigger We Trust...

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