Tigger and Bear's Cross-Country Adventure

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger joined Laura and Lauri and his good buddy Bear as they drove all the way across the U.S. from Florida to California. He saw lots of different places and lots of fun sights during the 8 day trip - and even visited 8 different states!

Tigger and the gang started in Florida, at Walt Disney World. Here's Tigger and Bear getting ready to head out on the road - notice the Princess antenna ball on the antenna of Lauri's Saturn.

Along the Florida Turnpike there were many different "Florida Visitor Bureaus" - aka Tourist Traps - but Tigger and Bear REALLY wanted to see the 13' gator...which was stuffed and mounted behind glass.

The Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City were going on at the time - in the hotel rooms at night Tigger and Bear liked to sit and watch the day's events.

At the Museum of Naval Air History in Pensacola, Tigger and Bear had lots of fun...

Here's the famous World War I Flying Ace in his trusty Sopwith camel with his faithful wingman.

Tigger and Bear soar into the wild blue yonder with the Blue Angels.

Tigger straps himself in - Highway to the Danger Zone!

Woo hoo! It's the Flying Tiggers!

The state of Alabama put out the Welcome mat for Tigger and Bear.

Tigger and Bear on the steps of the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion in Mobile - one of Mobile's finest antebellum homes, which was closed because it was Mardi Gras Day.

There was this Southern belle with a basket, though...

Tigger learned to spell the name of the state...M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-s-s... he just isn't sure when to stop!

It wouldn't be a trip to the south without a little Spanish moss...

...not to mention some Mardi Gras beads! Tigger and Bear got LOTS of beads at the Mardi Gras parade in Biloxi, MS. Which probably shouldn't be a surprise, since they *were* topless... :-)

Did you know that Louisiana was the Pelican State? Tigger didn't, but he did know that "a peculiar bird is the pelican, his beak can hold more than his belly can."

Bourbon Street in New Orleans, the morning AFTER Mardi Gras.

Tigger isn't exactly sure why there is a cannon in the French Quarter...maybe to keep all those Mardi Gras revellers from getting too out of control?

Looks like the New Orleans policefish have been busy.

Tigger and Bear don appropriate garb for coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde.

The Laura Plantation, which was a Creole sugarcane plantation, in Vacherie, LA.

Double, double, Tigger and trouble...Tigger in a sugar cauldron on the Laura Plantation.

Look out, Texas - here comes Tigger!

At the Houston Space Center, Tigger gets the feel of a cockpit.

Tigger and Bear on the Presidential podium used by President Kennedy when he made his "going to the moon" speech.

Tigger and Bear (wearing their NASA t-shirts!) try their hands...er...paws at docking the MMU with the space shuttle.

This space helmet isn't quite Tigger's size...

Pilot Tigger attempts to bring the Space Shuttle in for a landing...it only bounced a couple of times. :-)

Remember the Alamo! (Tigger wonders why people aren't supposed to remember Avis or Hertz, though...)

Don't tell the Texans...but the cannons in New Orleans were bigger!

Tigger in West Texas. There wasn't much of anything in West Texas...but there sure was a whole lot of it!

The David (*not* Davy) Crockett Memorial in Ozona, TX.

In Pecos, TX Tigger bellies up to the bar for an ice-cold Sarsparilla and some tall tails. :-)

This isn't actually an instrument of torture...this is what they used in beauty shops to do permanent waves back in the 1930s. Hmm...maybe it IS a torture device after all...

Ride 'em, Tigger!!! Tigger tries out a saddle used by one of the winners of the Pecos Rodeo.

Tigger and Bear are on the wagon.

Finally out of Texas and into New Mexico! Though New Mexico really didn't look any different than West Texas.

Tigger and Bear try to blend in with the native population in the New Mexico desert.

Tigger and Bear with the only stalagmite at Carlsbad Caverns that you were actually allowed (even encouraged!) to touch.

Now it's time for Professor Tigger's Carlsbad Caverns speleology lesson...This is a stalagmite. They point *up*.

This is a stalactite. They point *down*.

This is a grotto. It's filled with stalactites and stalagmites.

This is a column, which is really just an overachieving stalagmite.

This is what happens when stalagmites go bad. Run for your lives!

At the International UFO Museum in Roswell, NM, this was one of the more normal beings that Tigger saw.

But Roswell had aliens-to-go - on the antenna topper, at least! This one got blown around by the high winds in New Mexico and Arizona, but survived until we got to Prescott, AZ...and there our alien was abducted...or maybe he just phoned home?

In Albuquerque Tigger and Bear visited the Pueblo Museum, and got to pose with a pueblo for free...at a *real* pueblo that "privilege" would have cost them at least $11.00...

The Continental Divide, east of Gallup, NM - Tigger facing the Pacific and Bear the Atlantic.

Snow at the Continental Divide - Tigger's snowball will melt into the Pacific, and Bear's into the Atlantic!

Petroglyphs on Inscription Rock at El Moro National Monument - these obviously say "Tigger was here". :-)

The Arizona border. We missed the Grand Canyon though, just ran out of time.

Me heap big Indian Chief Tigger. :-)

Tigger thinks the Painted Desert is almost as colorful as he is!

And it's not a trip to the Petrified Forest if you don't check to see just how hard a petrified log is - yep, it's hard as a rock!

At "Dinosaur World", Tigger gets up close and personal with an allosaurus. Maybe a little TOO up close and personal for comfort!

A Sonic Drive-in on the corner in Winslow Arizona - such a fine sight to see. :-)

There were lots and lots of red rocks in Arizona - these were near Sedona.

After the tire blowout, Tigger and Bear do their best to help change the tire.

The drive in California was pretty boring - just desert to look at. But at least that desert was closer to home!

Home again, after 8 days and 8 states!

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